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Our Story

YESIdub Creations is an evolving multimedia creative collective of passionate people from diverse cultural backgrounds and personal journeys. Anyone who is interested in joining the collective can contact me at

I believe that cultural exchange and creative practice are key in addressing the crises affecting our communities. This is why I am developing a grassroots project of workshops and shows for members of the community to engage in sustainable performance and visual arts.


The Mission

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In the uncertain times of permacrisis, when food and energy poverty are becoming a reality for many, and people’s mental health is deeply affected, we believe that grassroots creativity can help us all build resilience and strength as individuals and as a community.


The collective strives to provide a chance for members of the community, young people and adults alike, to develop the creative skills to use their hands and voice and to find their own medium of expression.


This project also aims to develop strong mental wellbeing within communities – towards confidence, personal growth, creative development and emotional intelligence. 


My dream is to foster a common culture of mutual aid and creative development by building social bridges between the existing diversity of cultural backgrounds and personal experiences. At the core of this project is a celebration of the rich cultural diversity of those of Pan-African and Caribbean descent.


With these goals in mind, we are also creating an online archive of educational materials and will be publishing the creative works of our members.

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