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My Articles

Read all about it!  Music! Art! Dance and Fitness! Health and Wellbeing. Open, honest and and inspiring stories  from the Roots, Reggae  &    Dub scene and from my community, St.Pauls (St. Werburghs, St. Agnes and Montpelier) Seeking to speak truth, to find unity and commonality in our diversity and work towards sustainable and positive solutions for a better future for us all! All contact details are contained within my articles where appropriate - please read, discuss and share your thoughts about these articles on my blog, subscribe to my mailing list to find out more and check out The links to The Dub magazine, Vocalise & The  Bristol Reggae Orchestra!

If you have a story to share contact me here! Let community action be a creative reaction!

Despite the abuse, the depression, Tiger Stripes chose forgiveness so that her love and light could shine on and support others 

George Floyd, Colston's Statue - as a community struggles against the impacts of regeneration, education, and welfare this article is written to provoke a conversation around institutionalised racism. 

A young musician and music producer continuing the legacy of his mentor Jashwah Moses bringing music education and accssibility to the community

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Meet Angel Mel local and international dj - who say's We are Stronger Together - and hopes that St. Pauls develops in a way that doesn't loose the heart of this vitally important  area

Check out Dadaras studio's in the heart of St. Pauls, for all your mixing, mastering and production needs.

When the local communities cultural heritage/cultural stories are etched into some wicked Dubs - we know that the voice of the community and the music it carries will not be forgotten


As the Elders start to leave us one by one, their impact on the community is not forgotten. Dutty Ken may be gone however his memory lives on in the newly refurbished Star and Garter a regeneration that kept the heart alive!

Faced with  Parkinsons , a disease that as yet has no cure, local man Paul Atherton shares his wisdom  and the journey he has made to find peace and acceptance and live and love for every day he has left

Former member of the Misty in Roots  Collective local man Simbararashe  Tongogara   has some new tunes coming out, the first in line of many is What is Man  featuring Ken Boothe. 

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Communities and links

THE DUB magazine is an online and printed magazine edited by Dani Cameron of DestaNation Sound System - promoting Roots Reggae and Dub music, poetry and arts in the UK and abroad. you can find THE DUB at   or on facebook as Dani Cameron (Dani Dub Dub) (Oxford Dub Club)

Also well worth checking out is  Talawa.Fr a french site that has been running for years hosting shows and publications related to the Roots, Reggae and Dub scene and probably has the biggest archive  of  reggae shows and publications out there. Dani's magazine can be found there 

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