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Let me Introduce myself: I am Mys.Tree

I am Mys.Tree, is the 'expression' of my feelings around identity and labels, thoughts that I find difficult to verbalise in a social setting; the mask afforded me confidence. I am an extremely emotionally expressive person with an 'atypical character' borne I believe through childhood trauma. When you are not acknowledged as a child and your expression is deemed as being socially unacceptable you do not grow up with confidence as to who you are. I escaped in books and multi faceted creativity, The Shadow Show was something I did as a child. 
I also possess a very academic brain, something that was also not acknowledged in childhood, so I walked out into the world believing that I was unworthy and not very academic. 
Another social failing was my inability to choose just one path as a career, I was just too curious about things and really loved learning and trying out new things.
Being emotionally abandoned as a child, and somewhat isolated, made it very difficult for me to socialise or join a group. I always felt like an outsider, however, I walked through the streets with a very open and non judgemental mind and it is here that I acknowledge how much the conversations I had; the stories I heard; the Graffiti and slogans I saw on the streets; the teachings in the music which carried our ancestral stories within; all formed my real Education; and the benefits of working in different environments; different mediums; I believe is paramount to my problem solving skills, critical thinking, adaptability and emotional intelligence, and as I broke free from societies expectations, I realised that I could do anything if I put my mind to it.
I now know that anything is possible.


From your streets to your gardens...

meet the team

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Founder & Creative Director

Tina Brown

AKA Mys.Tree

Tina, a self taught multi media artist and music producer, is the founder of Yesidub Creations.


Inspired by her childhood activities, she has brought all her cross app skills together in a Geodesic Dome Theatre as the Mys.Tree Shadow Show.

Music Production is what inspired her to form Yesidub Productions (her music label), and which led her into video production and animation. She is a highly skilled portrait painter who still retains that childlike curiosity and wonder at a beautiful world and has a joy for learning.


My travels and my work have given me the opportunity of 'breaking bread' in many different cultural homes. People are my inspiration. Music, art, sharing food and  conversation are the best kind of universities and have afforded me a deeply intuitive understanding of many different walks of life. 

She has also taught French and Geometry and loves her work as a SEND TA and mentor.  She is an avid gardener, loves Roots Reggae music and is learning bass guitar. Tina has contributed to Vocalize magazine, the Malcolm X Secret Garden, the Windrush Jubilee event, Back-a-Yard and is currently in partnership with NJS Entertainment on the Kuumba Live jam project.

APPS: Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. Crazy talk Animator, DaVinci Video Suite, Blender, Logic Pro and Studio One DAWs

Puppeteer and Performance Master


Ashley Brown
AKA One Sock

Ashley is the son of Mys.Tree and has been helping with the Shadow Show since its conception. He is now a vital member of our team and a master puppeteer; helping his mum to train up the team.


Ashley is an intelligent, articulate and highly imaginative SEND pupil with a dyslexic/possibly autistic profile who struggles with English writing and Maths.

He has a laid back and happy disposition and is always willing to help even when slightly reluctant. We enjoy our chats and thoughts on life, the universe and everything! 


'I like hanging out with my mum which is why I help with the Shadow Show'.

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